Research and travel grant. RIBA + Foster Foundation. Selection candidate ETSAS

Dear students:

THE RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and the Norman Foster Foundation convened from ago 10 years an annual scholarship for research and travel among students, to be used in the interval June-October from 2019, and equipped with 7.000 pounds sterling (a few 8.000 € at the current Exchange). In particular, This year has been invited to 380 Schools of architecture around the world so that one of his students are selected as a candidate. In Spain they have been 5 selected schools, among them is our. The deadline for submitting candidates for each school has just the 26 April. Organizers leave each ETSA freedom use the selection process deemed appropriate to choose the candidate among their students. The only condition imposed is that candidate students must have completed the first degree course full.

In our case we have proposed the following:

  • The material that the candidate student must deliver to the internal selection process in the ETSAS is virtually the same organizers demand, what the chosen already will have made almost all of the work before submitting it the 26 April.
  • The jury that will choose the candidate shall consist of all the members of the management team of the ETSAS: Director, Assistant Directors and coordinators.
  • To deliver material is: un poster en tamaño A1, in which the proposal will be presented (theme, objectives, locations), which may include images to good resolution and a maximum of 500 words. In addition, podrá entregarse un video de 2 minutos de duración máxima.
  • El plazo de entrega del material acabará el próximo Monday 22 April to the 14.00 h. El material se enviará , en formato .pdf (poster) y en formato .MP3 o .MP4 (video), por mail a la dirección
  • Los criterios de selección serán aquellos encaminados a elegir el candidato que el equipo de dirección de la ETSAS considere que tiene más opciones de competir con éxito con los otros candidatos del resto de escuelas del mundo. The originality of the proposal in relation to matters that have to do with survival and the future of our towns and cities will be valued.

The research topic chosen by the student must be related to the survival of our towns and cities, and framed in one of the following list: learn from the past to foresee the future; the future of our society; density of settlements; sustainability; use of resources; quality of urban life, or transport.

After the end of your trip, the student will be invited to present their research in the study of Foster &Partners in London.

All the information, the students selected these years included, It can be found in

Javier Lopez Rivera

Coordinator of culture ETSAS

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