Meetings with... TER. Intersections, 14 December, 13.30 h. Aula Magna 0

Next Thursday 14 we propose a new meeting of the cycleMeetings with… 

The architect and YouTuber of the moment, TER, ( We visit with the lecture entitled Architecture and Youtube: Overlapping identities, that will give a talk about his career and the reasons to become a YouTuber.

The intervention is part of the themeIntersections, that speaks to us of architects of training working in artistic disciplines varied and the similarities between different creative processes. In this case, on the relations betweenArchitecture and media.

Therefore, I encourage everyone that acudaís next Thursday 14, to the 13.30 h. in the Aula Magna 0

I hope that the efforts made by this Department in this new adventure, serve as a complement to the training given in the formal teaching of grade.

Javier Lopez Rivera. Culture and social Outreach Coordinator

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