Regulation of the Board of Center (approved in CG 18-11-16)

Powers of the Board of Center (Article XX of the EU)

to) Elect and dismiss the Dean or Director.

b) Draw up its rules of operation.

c) Announced the appointment of the governing bodies of the Centre.

d) The drafting of curricula for the different degrees that are given in the Center, as well as proposals for modification of the same.

e) Approve annually, before the start of the academic year, the draft plan of teaching organization of the Centre in the framework of each plan of study.

f) Approve any sudden change in plans allocation of teachers proposed by departments in exceptional circumstances.

g) Approved for each academic year, consent of the Dean or the delegation of students of the Centre direction, calendar of exams and those tests established by regulation.

h) Propose, report of the affected departments, the secondment of official degrees, as well as the creation of diplomas and degrees, the conditions for obtaining and the corresponding curriculum.

i) Report on the needs of teachers, in accordance with the plans of teaching organization of the Center, and on the proposals for allocation of seats of the departments with teaching in the Center.

j) Formulate the needs of the Center in what refers to the personnel of administration and services staff.

k) Formalize cooperation agreements with public or private entities.

l) Approve the distribution of budgetary funds allocated to the Centre.

m) Propose the granting of awards and distinctions.

lla) Issue reports on matters requiring approval of the Board of Directors and affecting the Centre, as well as on matters that substantially affect the Centre and which are the subject of decision of any organ of Government of the University of Seville.

n) Any others that attributed the University Statute and regulations.


As established in the rules of operation of the School Board and the Statute of the University of Seville are commissions that currently reach the number eight.


In the section documents collect calls, proceedings and agreements both the School Board and its committees.

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