Own master rehabilitation eco-efficient buildings and NEIGHBORHOODS

The Master is aimed especially at architects, Engineers, Agents of the construction Sector, Environmental Sciences and will be provided in the form ofblended learning-online (streaming)during the period of the16 October 2018to the30 September of 2019having a cost of2403 EUR(taxes incloses, possibility of payment by installments). In addition, formvolunteer, they will bepaid internshipin companies.

The date ofpre-registrationcover from the1 of July up to the 20 September of 2018.

More information: http://master.us.es/mastereeb/


The 40% of the total energy consumption in the European Union corresponds to the buildings, for this reason, the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable energy in building energy objectives of the EU are. In this sense, the minimum requirements ofenergy efficiencybuildings have been changing to be more restrictive and move towards the construction of nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB), required for all new buildings in 2020.

In the current built panorama, the European Union places particular emphasis on therehabilitationexisting buildings as a key instrument to achieve the energy targets. In addition, environmental policies are advocating the use ofeco-efficient materials, a better use of resources and better management of waste in construction as a measure of sustainability which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and can mitigate climate change.

These strategies are not only restricted to buildings, but that should also extend to thepublic spacefor mitigating the heat island effect. In this way, contribute to global sustainable development targets.

The aim of the Master is to provide professional, the Administration technicians and future researchers, thetools and precise knowledgeto implement eco-efficient rehabilitation techniques in buildings and neighborhoods through the following modules:

1.Introduction to sustainability, eco-efficiency, Economics and environmental policy (6 ECTS)

2.          Edificio y entorno. Passive systems (6 ECTS)

3.          ó ecoeficientes Materiales y productos de construcci n (9 ECTS)

4.        ó ecoeficiente   La rehabilitaci n (16 ECTS)

5.          Planificaci ó n ecoeficiente ambiental (6 ECTS)

6.          Uso e ó de las í integraci n en los edificios e as renovables (6 ECTS)

7.          Trabajo Fin de M á ster (11 ECTS)


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