ReTHINKING competitions platform has just launched the new contest#017 Global Warming Center. 

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Area of action – ARCTIC SEA ICE

The sea ice or sea ice in the Arctic region is crucial in maintaining global climate due to its reflectivity. The melting of the sea ice may also increase the global warming due to positive feedback, where warming creates more heat to increase solar absorption. The loss of this layer of ice may represent a turning point in global warming, When start the ' lack of control’ of climate change.


We build is going to be that change the dynamics of a world, But if it is true that a place where to investigate IN SITU the causes, effects and, In short, how fast is affecting then do that be re-think on our way of life as a society.
Therefore, the approach of the competition is to create a post advanced in research. A Research Center for two people where you can pick up samples, studying the air, the underwater current, the quality of the air,…
You must conceive the cockpit as a minimum which is respectful with the environment research station, agritourism, self-sufficient and comfortable. Taking into account that they should develop as a minimum the following namespaces:

  • 1 room with two single beds
    • 1 area of study and analysis of sample
    • 1 Observation deck
    • 1 Bathroom
    • 1 Warehouse

First prize 1.500 € 
3 Consolation prizes: 3 x 500 €
10 Honorable mentions: without funding

You can download the material by clicking on the following link:


All the information is in:

Vicente Pérez Hernández

+34 955 54 29 92 +34 902 00 24

|José laguillo Street 27 block 7 local 1BSeville 41003

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