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We are immersed in the network society – or perhaps it would be better to say, We are the network society. Over the past three decades, technological innovations, economic, social and cultural have transformed our cities and our subjectivities. Significantly, also production processes we must now define how space has been transformed, digital and flexible.

In this context, and since the Decade of 1990, Schools of architecture and art, they come by opening lines of work and teaching spaces dedicated to investigate these new conditions in the field of architecture: the MIT Medialab, Massachutsets, the ADF programme and the Digital Design Lab at University of Columbia, N.Y., the EmTech and AADRL (Design Research Lab) from the Architectural Association, London, the Hyperbody Research Group of TU Delft, Holland, the IAAC in Barcelona, to cite just a few of the most prominent cases. Currently, exists in Seville, within the University community, There is both a critical mass as energy for the creation of a space of this type. In the own school of architecture students with concerns within the field of digital and new technologies, working groups and research, classes specific, educational projects and Masters, as well as external actors such as artists and companies in the sector, they come developing relevant theoretical and practical works in the national and international scene. Therefore, the constant evolution of media and digital processes such as design tools, representation and manufacturing, established within the architectural academic geography, and the growing demand by means of the University community (students, professors and researchers) media and processes, It forces us to redefine the areas of digital and technological services at our school of architecture, within the plans of teaching innovation of the University of Seville.

For this reason, the Centre for innovation and design_ IND is defined as the central area of organization, coordination and management of the services of digital and technological support within the school of architecture is Seville, responsible for, at the moment, four areas: Computer science, Virtual reality, Audiovisual and Digital manufacturing.

Address IND_ Centre for innovation and design

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