Classroom culture

  ¿What is the Hall of culture?  

The classroom culture of ETSA is a living space, fun and development that we want to share with all the students. This is and will be, now, the time to make your mark. In this way, not only cultivate our minds if not get a better school through our culturadas, workshops and activities.

¿Why we do it?

Because architecture has stalled. Because we deserve a change for the better. Because we deserve quality within the school time and spaces. Because we are more than home builders. Because we have a thirst for knowledge and want to experience. Because we like diversity, meet with us and collaborate with others. Because there is no one solution to the problems. Because we can, We want to and we must leave our footprint in the ETSA.


You can contact us every day of the week via email, where can you tell us your doubts, opinions or anything else that comes to mind in this regard. And if you want to encourage you to attend or participate in our Culturadas these will be developed throughout the academic year.

¿How the Hall of culture?

Through cultural conferences or "Culturadas” throughout the course, proposals by members of the classroom with the students, and on the occasion of significant dates on the calendar. We have even foreign contributions from professionals, working closely with the Brigade with V and SEMEC associations, and the help of the FabLab in material, tools and information. We also have the support of the delegation of students and other delegations and classrooms of culture from the University of Seville.

¿Where you can find us?

School technique Superior of architecture of the Avenida Reina Mercedes 2, or via mail


¿Who we are?

The Hall of culture is formed 30 students, organized by:

Delegate: Manuel Beltrán Alcantara

Coordinator: Sandro Massaro Jimenez

Secretariat: Natalia Martinez Maqueda

Treasurer: Angel Hernandez Zurbano

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